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Wardrobe Stylist
Hijab Stylist
On the day of the show or shoot we are the go to team for all things wardrobe related, dressing models/client as well as working hand and hand with the hair stylists & make-up artists. We will use our knowledge of color and fabric theory to style you or your pieces according to the current trends and even create your own trend setting styles. Here at Curio Styling Consultants we allow your project to grow in ways you never imagined & it is very satisfying to see the finished product, especially a happy client. We will cover all wardrobe management; ensuring clothing is taken care of and protected. We will also have on hand resources to make any minor sewing adjustments and clasps to fit you or models properly. For fashion shows, we bring a team of dressers to get the models in and out of the clothing in a timely manner for each scene. The creative integrity of your brand is our utmost priority. We want to make sure the guests grasp the true sense of your brands design aesthetic and concept. We specialize in servicing female music artists, women's fashion designers (editorial shoots, look books or fashion shows), models, boutique owners and female TV or radio personalities.

At Curio Styling Consultants, we take care to provide our clients with high quality services personalized for their unique style needs. We are available to take your service requests  7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Our Services:
We create unique Muslim women scarf styles that best suit your creative image, sustains modesty & style. This service is offered for fashion shows or photo shoots. We are equipped to use various khimar types to flatter your style needs are. We style scarves according to several elements such as what's trending in the Muslim fashion industry, according to the clients or models' face shapes and your brand or personal style.

Contact us so our friendly customer service staff can help find the best services to satisfy your needs.

We look forward to servicing you!

Creative/Set Director 

At Curio Styling Consultants we provide the creativity that makes your project blossom in a professional and unique manner. We get inspired from your initial concept and use that as a clutch to fashionably create & work on your project behind the scenes. During the creative team meetings we will consult with you to establish your vision for your brand. We will assess the best creative direction for you to present your brand on the day of the show or shoot. Any accent pieces, make-up looks, hair styles, models and/or hijab styles will meticulously be chosen for your collection. So day of the fashion show or photo shoot we will ensure all areas of your scene comply with your creative and professional needs.